Cosmic Clarity 4

Map My Stars is partnering with ThetaHealer® Sherry Coffman to bring a unique service to our clients.

Cosmic Clarity is a 2-step process, combining Astrology with ThetaHealing® to help you become conscious of any blocks that are holding you back, so you can release these limitations. Cosmic Clarity identifies your soul’s potential and helps you achieve your heart’s desires.

You’ll receive a comprehensive astrological chart analysis that includes insights into your soul’s journey. These key astrological revelations are then revisited during the ThetaHealing® technique, so you can release whatever is holding you back, break any self-sabotaging habits, and create the life you want to live.

Wisdom of the Stars for the Healing of the Soul

Why Cosmic Clarity?

Your astrological chart is filled with valuable information for your soul’s evolution and your happiness in this lifetime. Rather than a life sentence, it serves you like a trip planner giving insight into your purpose for being
in this particular life, things you came to master and challenges you may face.

Cosmic Clarity combines astrology with Theta Healing® to assist you in moving toward completing lessons and embracing the possibilities you came here to achieve. This opens the door to realizing your hearts desires
and living your most empowered life.

How does it work? There are two parts to Cosmic Clarity.

Session 1: Comprehensive birth chart analysis with Tracy Darling, astrologer. You will need the date, location and exact time of your birth.

In between your two sessions, Tracy & Sherry review information from the chart reading.

Session 2: ThetaHealing® session with Sherry Coffman designed to specifically address what is revealed in your birth chart and release blocks to manifesting your true desires.

Sessions done by phone or Zoom.

Energy Exchange: $250 (Over $400 Value) for the composite session (paid in advance of the 1st session.)

Scheduling Information:

Call/Text: 817 468 1691 or Email:

Not ready to commit to a full Cosmic Clarity combo?

Take a look at two other options:

Cosmic Clarity Mini

Session 1: Personal Planetary Snapshot
Tracy shows you where the planets are currently activating your chart and offering you the opportunity to consciously step into an expanded version of yourself. (20 minute session)

Session 2: Wisdom Well Reading
Sherry facilitates a conversation with your Higher-self for guidance & affirmation to move past any blocks to realizing these opportunities. (20 minute session)

Sessions done by phone or Zoom

Energy Exchange: $70 total for the 2 sessions, paid in advance through PayPal.

Scheduling Information:

Call/Text: 817 468 1691 or email:

Cosmic Housecleaning

Spring is a time of renewal, a time to remove things that are old or stagnant in our physical space.

Why not apply this idea of a fresh start to ALL areas of your life?

Seize the opportunity to clear the energetic dust & cobwebs from your life & bring your BEST shine forward!

You have twelve “houses” in your astrological chart. Each of these houses has a unique theme that is part of your personal signature. Cosmic Housecleaning is an opportunity to become aware of the strengths & talents
in each of your 12 houses.

Each month you will receive a Birth Chart Analysis (20 minutes) for a specific House. Following that, a Wisdom Well Reading (20 minutes) to provide insights for achieving your optimal potential.

We will begin with the 1st House in March and complete with the 12th House in February 2021.* It is not necessary to begin in March. Jump into the program at any time and begin your 12 months of readings!

Per Month: $70 (Pick and choose which months you’d like to receive the combo session.)

Annual Subscription: All 12 months* + 3 Bonuses for a single payment of $697 (over $840 value)

BONUSES for Annual Subscribers:

2 Downloadable PDFs:
Life Alchemy – A technique for transforming negative moods into empowered states of Joy
Putting the Moon to Work for You – Guidance to help you navigate lunar cycles for success
Downloadable MP3:
Ready, Set SOAR! – A guided meditation to set the tone for a year of beautiful possibility.

Annual Subscribers are eligible for special pricing offers throughout 2020.

Scheduling Information:

Call or Text: 817 468 1691 or email:

*The list of monthly topics is below:

MONTH        HOUSE                THEME

March            1st House            I am

HOUSE FOCUS How do I present myself to the world?

April               2nd House          I have

HOUSE FOCUS How does my self-worth impact my prosperity?

May                3rd House           I communicate

HOUSE FOCUS How does my personal communication style affect my life?

June                4th House           My roots

HOUSE FOCUS Am I thriving or merely surviving with my home energies?

July                 5th House            I create

HOUSE FOCUS Am I allowing myself free expression of my creative energies?

August           6th House            My routine

HOUSE FOCUS Do my daily activities support my well-being?

September    7th House            We are

HOUSE FOCUS Does my personal energy attract the type of relationships I desire?

October         8th House             I desire

HOUSE FOCUS Does the Power of others support or diminish my personal power?

November    9th House             I soar

HOUSE FOCUS Do I settle for what is or do I reach for an exceptional life?

December     10th House           My reputation

HOUSE FOCUS Am I a prisoner to my career?

January         11th House           I connect

HOUSE FOCUS Do I see my connection to community as part of my Divine Plan?

February       12th House           My inner space

HOUSE FOCUS Do I access my inner dimensions for personal empowerment?