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Natal Astrology: The blueprint you brought with you into this lifetime.

Soul Purpose: We visit your soul’s intention for this lifetime and see what gifts and challenges you brought with you.

Solar Return: An annual birthday snapshot at the time of your birth that shows general trends for your year ahead.

Lunar Return: A monthly snapshot of your upcoming month, these are “short term” charts because the energy lasts just the length of one moon cycle.

Secondary Progressions/Transits: What areas of your life are currently activated? We’ll deep dive into planetary placements in real ­time.

Saturn Return: If you are 29, 58, or 88 years old, you are at a life-changing stage and an astrology consultation can help you understand your cycles.

Uranus Opposition: For people around 40, the so­-called ‘mid­life crisis’ heralds sudden impulses for change.

Crisis Astrology: Unexpected things can arise suddenly. If you feel life is bombarding you, we’ll drill down and get an idea of how long this phase will last.

Relationship Compatibility: Romance, marriage, live-in lovers… thinking of making a commitment? Usually this applies to a significant other, but can also help in parent-child, friendship and even boss-employee situations.

How’s My Karma? We identify past life strengths and weaknesses, the albatross and the golden gift.

Planet­ Specific: Some clients request a “study” of a particular planet to understand it’s workings in their chart. I offer this for the inner planets only: Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus or Mars.

Electional Astrology:

  • Pick A Wedding Date: Don’t get married on an inauspicious date, or a date when something important doesn’t align well for one of you. I can help you find the best date within your time frame.
  • Create A Business Entity: Start your LLC or open the doors of your store or launch your website on an auspicious day when the planets are aligned so good fortune can knock on your door.
  • Real Estate Buy & Sell: Choose an auspicious day to sign with a realtor, list your property online, or erect a For Sale sign on your property.

Relocation Astrology: Is the place you want to move to good for you? Moves are costly, so find out before you move!

Ask­An­Oracle e­Question: Answered by email only in a concise and brief format. Equestion should be worded as clearly as possible. You will usually receive a reply within 48 hours. This service is intended for existing clients with birth data on file, for when you don’t need a full consultation but have one specific question.


Not an existing client yet? This is not a substitute for a full consultation, so you can only ask general questions like, “I’m Aries but where are my Moon and Ascendant?” I’ll need your name, place of birth, date of birth and time of birth, including AM or PM. Your question can only relate to you. Please do not send data for an ex-lover and ask if they are coming back to you. I don’t do this type of work.


If you wish to book several different sessions, contact me by email for special pricing.